KY WIC Participants:

Your KY State WIC office would like to clear the air about false information being seen on social media sites. 

  • Your WIC Benefits will not expire early.
  • Keep your current eWIC card. Your current eWIC card will be used for future months WIC food benefits.
  • If you have questions, call our office at 606-864-5187 or contact our KY WIC Help Desk


Laurel County WIC Participants
If you need WIC Benefits, call our office first at 606-864-5187

We may be able to provide your service over the phone.

If you are asked to come to the clinic, you should call the number above when you arrive in the parking lot, if possible. One of our staff members will direct you on what to do once you are in the parking lot.



WIC Participants may not use their WIC benefits with grocery store curbside pick-up service. This is not allowable per federal regulations at this time.

Per WIC Federal Regulation 246.12(h)(3)(vi) WIC transactions must occur in front of a cashier, therefore online payment is not allowable. In addition, Federal regulations do not allow for any fee to be charged, which is routinely charged by some vendors for curbside pick-up. The WIC Program has been exploring this option on a state and national basis for a few years. At this time, retailers do not have the required infrastructure in place to allow WIC to authorize this service.


Regular handwashing is one of the best ways to avoid catching or spreading COVID-19. Teach your child to wash for at least 20 seconds—the length of time it takes to sing the ABC song.

Lavarse las manos con regularidad es una de las mejores maneras de evitar contagiarse o propagar el COVID-19. Enséñales a tus hijos a lavárselas durante por lo menos 20 segundos, lo que toma cantar la canción del alfabeto.

Information from the Kentucky WIC Program regarding difficulty finding formula on retailer shelves  

In our conversations with retailers, this is not a supply or distribution issue, this is a hoarding issue. Retailers are making changes to their hours of operations to allow for restocking and Governor Beshear is requesting that all KY citizens be good neighbors and teammates and only purchase what they need for 1 week.

Participants unable to locate standard infant formula should be encouraged to:

  • Shop early in the morning after restocking
  • Check at other authorized WIC retailers. The list is available on the WIC Shopper app.
  • Communicate with store managers to determine the best time to shop for infant formula
  • IF participating in SNAP, SNAP benefits may be utilized for formula purchase
  • If supplementing breastfeeding, contact our lactation specialist for tips on how to increase milk supply to reduce need for formula
  • DO NOT Make homemade Formula or use cow’s milk or substitutes not intended for infants.
  • DO NOT over dilute formula to stretch it. This can be dangerous.
  • Be a good neighbor and only purchase a week’s supply at once to leave some for other families. Team Kentucky.
  • For healthy infants on standard infant formula Contract Formula such as Good Start, Good Start Soothe or Good Start Soy, be advised that store brand infant formula (Walmart- Parents Choice, Kroger- Comforts, Meijer- Meijer Infant Formula, etc. meets FDA guidelines and, if available on the shelf, may cost less and may be purchased with SNAP Benefits or with own funds.

For infants on non-contract formula (Similac Advance, Enfamil), consult with your medical provider about the appropriateness of store brand formulas or other brands which may be purchased with SNAP or with their own funds.

For infants, children or Women on exempt infant formula or medical foods:

  • For infants on exempt infant formula (Nutramigen, Elemental, NeoSure, Enfacare, etc.) or Medical food (metabolic formulas, etc.) due to a medical diagnosis, advise to contact WIC Authorized stores and pharmacies in their area to determine availability/stocking times. If formula is not available, contact the infant’s primary care physician regarding what may be an acceptable alternative.
  • For children or women on standard infant formula, exempt infant formulas or Medical Foods (pediasure, boost) due to a medical diagnosis, advise to contact WIC Authorized stores and pharmacies in their area to determine availability/stocking times. If product is not available, contact the primary care physician regarding what may be an acceptable alternative.



WIC is a short-term intervention program designed to influence lifetime nutrition and health behavior in low income women who are pregnant or has given birth to an infant 6 months old or less, and infant and children from birth to 5 years of age who need nutritional support.

WIC is a federally funded program, provided by the USDA, and not only provides supplemental nutritious foods, but also offers a health care aspect.

WIC participants are provided nutrition education and services; breastfeeding promotion and education; and access to other educational materials for prenatal and pediatric health-care services.


Online nutrition education is available for Laurel County Health Department WIC Participants. WIC participants must meet specific criteria to qualify for online nutrition education.

The health professional (nurse or nutritionist) will determine the WIC participant’s eligilibity for online nutrition education during the certification visit and will offer the opportunity for online nutrition education at that time. If the WIC participant does not qualify for online nutrition education, the health professional will not offer the opportunity.

If you have been informed by the health department staff that you are eligible to complete your WIC Nutrition Education Follow-up Visit using the Online Nutrition Education Program, you may access the website by clicking the following link:

To download and view the instructional flyer for,

Online Nutrition Education Instructional Flyer

You must know your Household Number to access the online system. If you have not been told by a health department employee that you qualify for online nutrition education, you must come to the health department clinic for your WIC visit, even if you have completed an online nutrition lesson.

If you are not sure or can not remember if you were told that you qualify for Online Nutrition Education, please contact our office at 606-878-7754 to verify your eligibility.

WIC is an equal opportunity program. Persons who believe they have been discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability should write to the Secretary of Agriculture, USDA, Washington D.C. 20250




Click the Food List Booklet below to view the entire WIC-Approved Food List.  Booklets are available for WIC Participants at our office.


WIC offers an app to simplify your shopping experience.  This app is available on both android and apple devices. 

For more information about WIC Shopper, visit:


The 2019 WIC Farmers Market Voucher Program begins July 1, 2020. Eligible WIC participants can receive WIC vouchers for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables at the London-Laurel County Farmer’s Market.

Vouchers are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Vouchers can be used anytime between the date of distribtion and September 30, 2020.

Please check the London-Laurel County Farmers Market schedule for the date of the final market of the season.

Keep up with the Farmers Market by liking their Facebook Page

London Laurel County Farmers Market Facebook Page

Lost or damaged vouchers can not be replaced.

Additional questions should be directed to Laurel County Health Department 606-864-5187.

WIC Farmers Market Resources for WIC Participants:
**Processed products including: jams, jellies, breads, meats, eggs, cheese, honey, nuts and flowers CANNOT be purchased with WIC Farmers Market Vouchers.