Due to COVID-19, our normal health department services may be limited during this time.


Our team will still be conducting COVID-19 case investigations and contact tracing.  You will need to contact the disease investigator working your case at the number they provide to you.  You MAY NOT be able to reach them by contacting the health department direct line. We also MAY NOT be taking general COVID-19 calls during certain hours.  If you are a close contact and are in quarantine, you will need to contact the disease investigator who is working the case of the positive individual you were in contact with.  The positive case should be able to provide you with the name of the disease investigator.


We will continue to provide WIC Services, however, depending on staffing, we may prioritize providing WIC services.  If WIC services are limited, we will prioritize participants who are adding new babies and pregnant women wanting to be added to the program.  We will also provide formula changes (with appropriate documentation) and WIC participants whose benefits have expired and cannot be renewed without an appointment.

You may call our office at 606-864-5187 Ext 221 beginning at 8am Monday-Friday to inquire about WIC services.  Please keep in mind that our phone lines get extremely busy during the day.  If you are unable to get through, please continue to call back.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to provide services during these difficult times.  We will continue to provide updates on COVID-19 cases, vaccination and testing at our COVID-19 webpage and Facebook page.

London in Motion Community Walking Program

July 15th – October 6th, 2021

Registration begins June 28th

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Harm Reduction Syringe Exchange Program

Every Tuesday & Thursday from 10:00am-2:00pm

at the back entrance of the health department
(if the Tuesday or Thursday falls on a holiday, the program will be closed)

At this time we do not offer late clinic hours.  

Monday-Friday 8:00am to 9:30am

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00am to 9:30am

Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm


During the winter months, any closings or delays will be posted to our Laurel County Health Department Facebook Page.

Reporting Public Health Emergencies After Hours

For public health emergencies occurring outside of normal business hours, please contact the appropriate authorities or seek the necessary medical attention. Law enforcement, local first responders, local hospitals and health care providers have after hours contact information for Health Department staff and will make the necessary contacts.

London Police Dept


Laurel County Sheriff's office


Kentucky State Police Post 11


saint joseph London


Reporting COVID-19 Cases

Suspected, probable, and confirmed cases of COVID-19 should be reported to the local health department in the county in which the patient resides. When the county is unknown, cases should be reported to the state health department.  Reporting should be performed using the Kentucky Reportable Disease Form  which should be filled out as accurately and completely as possible and forwarded to the health department within 24 hours of identification.  This is essential for rapid case investigation, contact tracing and exclusion of sick and exposed individuals from the population to reduce the spread of disease and prevent further morbidity and mortality.  COVID-19-related deaths and cases of Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (PMIS) Potentially Associated with COVID-19 should also be reported.

During Operating Hours Staff can be reached for reporting or for consultation using the information below:

Phone: 606-878-7754
Fax: 606-864-8295

Email (if providing patient identifying information, please make sure email is secure before sending):

Gabriella Hodges,
Regional Epidemiologist 
[email protected]

Carolee Epperson
Infection Control Nurse [email protected]

After Hours Reporting:

Kentucky Department for Public Health, Division of Epidemiology and Health Planning

Phone: 1-888-973-7678 or 1-502-564-3418
Fax: 1-502-696-3803

*The Kentucky Department for Public Health will contact the local public health authorities regarding after hours reports

Physicians, hospitals, and laboratories report communicable diseases as required by 902 KAR 2:020 to the Epidemiology unit of the health department. Qualified health department staff persons provide investigation of the cases and report the communicable diseases to the state office which reports to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Medical providers, hospitals, or laboratories who are reporting a communicable disease can download and fill out the Kentucky Reportable Disease (EPID 200) Form.

LCHD Service Brochure

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