Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program

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The WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program is a free program offered through the Laurel County Health Department, that provides one on one support to pregnant and breastfeeding WIC mothers. A peer counselor will contact you during your pregnancy and assist you with any questions, or concerns you may have with breastfeeding. This is done through mailings, phone calls, and periodic visits. After delivery, the peer counselor will continue to provide support throughout your breastfeeding experience.

For more information about the free peer counselor program or to find a peer counselor and breastfeeding support group near you, please contact the Laurel County Health Department.

World Breastfeeding Week & National Breastfeeding Month:

The following downloadable handouts from previous Breastfeeding Month campaigns provide helpful strategies for breastfeeding success.


Breastfeeding Information Resources

Visit the following websites for more information on the importance of breastfeeding and why family and friends should support the breastfeeding mothers in their lives.

Womens Health.Gov

La Leche League

Kentucky WIC Program Breastfeeding Page

CDC’s Breastfeeding Page

The following handouts are from the International Lactation Consultant Association:

Handout for Breastfeeding Mothers – Especially for Mothers

Handout for Friends and Family of Breastfeeding Mothers – Especially for Friends and Family