On-Site Sewage

Septic Systems:

Environmentalists issue permits and conduct inspections of septic systems. Contact the On-site Sewage Program at 606-878-0499

On-site Sewage Disposal-

( Requests for septic installation must be made by the septic installer)

Approval of permits to owners for approved sewage installations.
Also approves on-site sewage disposal systems for public buildings and private homes and inspects on-site sewage disposal systems.



The application process for approved wastewater disposal on private property by means of a septic system involves regulations adopted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in order to protect our ground and surface water supplies and avoid public health nuisances.


The following steps must be initiated prior to any construction beginning on the property. This will allow the owner to find out site limitations, get prices on possible systems, and allow the property owner to meet the requirements of the Cabinet for Health Services.


Kentucky Septic Regulations

EVALUATION- NOTE: BACKHOE PITS ARE REQUIRED—Septic Installer must contact an individual to dig pits and contact Health Department for appointment.

A. A building site is chosen for a house, mobile home, or commercial establishment.


EVALUATION (form DFS-319) must be acquired from the Local Health Center.

C. For residences: complete number of bedrooms, if a garbage disposal will be installed, and if the house will have a basement.

For commercial: Information regarding type of business, number of employees, and shifts, type of plumbing fixtures proposed and related information must be included.

D. The required evaluation fee of $240.00 must be presented to the health department by the installer. (Make checks/money orders payable to Laurel County Health Department).

E. The evaluation is conducted in coordination with backhoe or other type pits.

F. If the site evaluation results reveal that there is a “usable” area for possible septic system installation. The designated area is not to be disturbed by such action as grading, heavy equipment traffic, placement of building materials, or any related action. This requirement is to prevent compacting and soil structure damage that could negatively affect the system ability to function. Any disturbance of the approved area in the manner described, could void the site evaluation. Normal mowing or bush hogging of the area would be allowed, unless otherwise stated in the writing by the Certified Inspector.


A. If the site receives a suitable or provisionally suitable overall rating, as listed on the Site Evaluation report (DFS-321), then an Onsite Sewage Disposal System may be installed.


A. The installer must request an inspection by the Certified Inspector from the Health

Department before any of the work is covered.

B. The system must be installed in accordance with the approved permit specifications in order for final approval to be granted.

C. Kentucky State Law and local electrical ordinance requires final approval from the Local Health Department before permanent electric hook up can be made.