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Physical Activity


Physical Activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.


Physical Activity Recommendations for different age groups can be found at CDC's Physical Activity Page


You can also find information on physical activity at Choose My Plate's website




Safe Walking in Laurel County

*click on each image to open a printable copy of the walking path


London-Laurel County Wellness Park

London Laurel Wellness Park Walking Path


London Rotary Park

London Rotary Park Walking Path



Whitley Branch Park

Whitley Branch Park Walking Patch





Saint Joseph London Walking Path

Saint Joseph London Walking Path


Laurel County Health Department Walking Path


The Laurel County Health Department campus features a Walking Path that is open to the public. The track features two paths that can accomodate walker/runners at different levels of experience. There is no charge to use the walking paths.


One path circles the perimeter of the front parking area. This track has a more flat walking patch and is great for beginner walkers. Five laps on this track equals 1 mile.


The second path circles the entire campus of the Laurel County Health Department. This track features inclines in the surface for more experienced walkers. Three laps on this track equals 1 mile.



Laurel County Health Department Walking Path


Outdoor Physical Activity Equipment

Also available to the public is an outdoor physical activity area.


Equipment is available to perform weight-bearing activities such as push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, etc.


The equipment is located to the right of the front parking lot.

LCHD Physical Activity Equipment


LCHD Physical Activity Equipment

London-Laurel County Wellness Park

wellness park


wellness park layout