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Public Health Preparedness

It is important to be prepared for any type of emergency situation.

Some of the most common forms of emergencies that you can prepare yourself and your family for include:

Bioterriorism, Chemical Emergencies, Radiation Emergencies, Mass Casualties, Natural Disasters & Severe Weather, and Recent Outbreaks & Incidents.


What You Can Do To Be Prepared:

1. Get A Kit

2. Make A Plan

3. Stay Informed

For more detailed information on: what to put in your kit, what to include in your plan, and how to stay informed, Click Here

National Preparedness Month - September


Preparedness is a year round activity, however, September is higlighted as National Preparedness Month; a time to recognize the importance of being prepared for an emergency before the emergency actually occurs. It's important to take steps to prepare for an emergency in your home, school, work, and place of worship because an emergency can happen anytime, anywhere.


For more information on being prepared, visit or download some of the informational tools provided by, FEMA, and Citizen Corps here:

Family Emergency Plan

Family Communication Plan for Parents

Family Communication Plan for Kids

Emergency Supply List

Preparedness on a Budget

Preparedness for Pet Owners

Preparedness for People with Disabilities

Preparedness Fact Sheet for Seniors