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Data Reports

You can view health and safety data reports for Kentucky and Laurel County from LCHD and several of our partner organizations.


Laurel County Health Department Data Reports


County Health Ranking Trends - Laurel County 2012 - 2017
Revised April 2017


Laurel County Health Behaviors Related to Substance Abuse/Use - 2012/2015 comparison - Revised May 2016


Foundation For A Healthy Kentucky

Kentucky Health Issues Polls (KHIP)


KHIP - Kentuckian's Views on E-cigarettes - Jan 2015


KHIP - Heroin Use and Prescription Drug Misuse - Feb 2015


KHIP - Poverty and Health Status- Mar 2015


KHIP - Soda and Sugary Drinks - Mar 2015


KHIP - E-cigarettes - January 2017


KHIP - Smokefree Law Support in Kentucky - April 2017


KHIP - Heroin, Methapmphetamine Use and Prescription Drug Abuse in Kentucky - May 2017







Unversity of Kentucky

Kentucky County Healthcare Profiles - Laurel- Winter 2014


Department of Health and Human Services

Healthy People 2020 Brochure with Leading Health Indicators